What is Refugee Hack Vienna?

Refugee Hack is a 2 days and 1 evening contest where developers, graphic/web/UX designers and project managers come together and build software to help refugees in Austria either directly or indirectly. We will define concrete project outlines beforehand, so that you can focus completely on building something great and useful.

The 1st Refugee Hack Vienna will be part of Europe Code week, that takes place at the same time in many European cities. Depending on how many participants there will be, we will split up in teams of around 20 people to different co-working spaces in Vienna. Every team will work on one project and at the end the jury will choose a winner.

What is a Hackathon?

Teams will work all weekend long on an App or Website (about 8 hours days). A team of judges will pick a winner and you had a fun weekend and met interesting people. At the refugee hackathon you have the special bonus that you helped refugees by doing something that you enjoy.

Project Info

You don't have to be involved in refugee help projects or have in-depth knowledge of the problems they might be having. We do the research for you and will have a very good outline of what software solutions could be by the time the hackathon will start. However we are thankful for all ideas on how a technical solution can help refugees directly or indirectly (by helping organize the help). Contact us at team@hackathon.wien or on facebook.

Is There Anything Else?

We provide fresh meals and snacks while you work on your project.


Stockwerk Coworking
Pater-Schwartz-Gasse 11A
1150 Wien
Sektor5 Coworking
Siebenbrunnengasse 44
1050 Wien

Refugee Hack Team

Aaron Cruz

Helene Pattermann

Maria Angerer

Dominik Guzei

Floor Drees

Alexander Salzmann

Hackathon Schedule

Friday October 9th - Opening Party

Start 18:00 Refugee Hack Vienna Opening at Sektor 5
Agenda Keynotes, presentation of the project ideas, building teams, networking, assigning teams to co-working spaces
Location Sektor 5, Siebenbrunnengasse 44, 1050 Vienna
Catering Topfreisen, Lieferei drinks

Saturday October 10th - Hacking

9:00 Start
Agenda Organize the team, make a project outline, work on the app
Location Either at Stockwerk or Sektor 5
(Depends on your team!)
Catering Small self service breakfast, home-cooked vegetarian lunch, self service dinner if wanted, bread with cheese and ham.
21:00 End of Day

Sunday October 11th - Hacking & Presentations

9:00-17:00 Work on app, work on presentation for the ending ceremony
17:00 Send your presentation to team@hackathon.wien
18:00 Presenting the judges, presenting the apps
19:00 Topfreisen hors d'oeuvres while judges make a decision
19:30 Winner is announced
20.00-21.00 Networking, snacking, drinking
Location Either at Stockwerk or Sektor 5
(Depends on your team!)
Catering Small self service breakfast, home-cooked vegetarian lunch, catering by Topfreisen for dinner during end ceremony

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